Business Coaching Program

The Business Coaching Program is designed to work with SMEs and larger Organizations and focuses on business effectiveness. It integrates the different approaches of Assessment, Training and Business Coaching according to clients requirements.

A business coach is there to support and help to identify where and how to improve business performance.

A Business Coach is a manager with a business background who can assist you to value ideas and projects. Through coaching you can verify leadership skills, improve your image and your company asset, identify possibilities and solutions.

You as an entrepreneur are basically your own company, your business is strictly related to your life and that is why a business coach is prepared to go with you through both business and more personal strategies. When applied to larger organizations the Business Coaching Program brings great value for individuals and teams. All  increasing level of engagement and overall company benefits.

Business Coaching is requested when support is necessary on areas such as:

  • Increasing business performance.
  • Employee retention.
  • Establishing new business standards.
  • Start-up.
  • Personal branding.
  • Self development and effective interpersonal communication.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Stress management.

If you think a business coach is what you need contact me  or fill the form for an appointment.

Business Coaching

To identify where and how to improve business performance. For companies who wish to develop the leadership skills of employees, improve the organization or face business changes. The Business Coaching focuses on purely professional issues.


In-company training increases the sense of belonging, develops specific skills, redefines roles. Studio Coach offers tailored made courses that meet the specific needs of the customer, while respecting culture and business vision. By partnering with professionals from various sectors, speakers and testimonials, you can organize experiential workshops for  a particular project team, or for talents development within the organization.


The assessment is a process agreed with the company on the basis of the objectives and the required profiles of the organization’s context. Useful to:

Identify the potential of employees – strengthen people – to align the activities of the mission and corporate objectives – evaluate promotions or relocations.

The analysis makes use of the method referred Skill View Studio Coach is a certified partner.

Mindfulness del Dharana Coaching®

Many companies are beginning to require resource development projects with a holistic approach centered not only on company sales, but also on corporate wellness. We design programs that bring simple yoga classes and meditation into business activities. Ancient disciplines and new tools, which allow you to develop a corporate culture of innovation resulting in welfare, greater motivation and economic advantage.
Available as part od a  Business Coaching Program as well as a specific course.